Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting close...

Despite my lack of house updates, we are getting close!  The exterior work was wrapped up a few weeks ago.  Now we are in the last leg of final details now that the painting is done, all the doors & trim work is done & the majority of the flooring is in.  We now have full house heat, lights & electricity, water (to toilets & showers... sinks aren't in yet).... we are getting close!!!

Stairs after drywall...

& then after paint & stair parts/trim...

Kitchen in progress... waiting for island, counters & hardware to be added

Master bath
Right now we are waiting on the counters/vanity tops (delayed from manufacturer due to holiday) so that those areas can be finished up.  The remainder of the carpeting for living room & stairs is on hold until the fireplace surround is finished, which should be next week as well.  That isn't stopping us from getting moved in!  At the beginning of the month, we got all our stuff moved out of storage & into the basement.
Moving boxes from storage

 Then just this past week, Mike & his dad filled the garage with all our furniture from the barn.  So now we can get the rooms that are ready slowly moved & set up... 
Mike's office was first... he has been working from his new office since Monday!!!
Last night we started getting beds set up in the kids' rooms... & tonight we hope to spend our first night in the house!  We'll be "roughing it" a bit until the counters/sinks are in & the living room is wrapped up, but it will be great to be in regardless!!  I'm most excited about cooking in my new kitchen as soon as it is up & running in about 1 week!! In the meantime, I'll be continuing wiping down walls & wood work, filling nail holes & getting rooms set up!

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