Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First floor fun...

Since the basement was done, the floor trusses were ready for install & the main floor went up quick!
... & the kids were on the farm for the week with Gram & Grandpa, so they got to be a part of the evening check of progress on the house!
The framing went fast & soon the rooms began to take shape... despite the rain.

We think we are going to like our living room view!

And... VOILA... the first floor is up!

I spy some turkeys crossing our driveway... how many can you see???

We got to come down over the weekend to see progress on the house...

... did we mention it has been rainy??  That would be water in the basement due to over 5 inches of rain just in 2 evening storms Friday & Saturday.  The drain tile wasn't set up to work yet, so the rain came in both from above & below... hopefully the ONLY time we ever have water in the basement!  Oh well, the kids were amused!
The front door...
... kitchen/dining room...
& the master bedroom.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Basement progress...

Despite the rain, progress on the house continues...
... they got the foam put on the outside of the foundation,

the floor trusses arrived,

& after the plumbing rough in was done, the basement floor was poured!

Next up was getting load bearing walls up in preparation for the floor trusses...

...& see what we mean about the rain?!  It has been a rainy June indeed... but that is why the hills looks so green!

We're headed down this weekend to check out the latest progress & can't wait to see what they've gotten done this week!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strike a pose!

Melanie took a little creative dance class (basically ballet) when she was 2.5 but this year she got to be in a ballet/tap combo class that got to do the recital at the end of the year!  I have been dancing with Footsteps Dance Studio in Burnsville for many years with the adult group, so it was very fun for me to have Melanie dancing at the same studio!

 Melanie loves dance class and was excited to go each week...
She was very eager all through the year to get to dance on the big stage, so it was quite exciting to finally get costumes in & get our dance pictures taken.  Melanie loved her costume because it was Pinkalicious!

This year my jazz class learned 2 dances.  We did a more traditional jazz dance to Janet Jackson's "Make Me"...

... & then a lyrical dance to Emmy Rossum's "Slow Me Down".

Melanie thought it was pretty neat that she got to take a "buddy" shot with her mom.  We'll see how many more years that lasts!

Finally recital time was here, so first up is dress rehearsal...

... then it was time for the big show.   Melanie thought it was a lot of fun getting all dolled up for the big event!

Her friend Erin dances at the studio too, so they got to be backstage together & I got to pop in here & there & say hi too!
The girls are lined up & ready to head out for their ballet number!  They did a fabulous job!
Melanie & I with our instuctors/owners, Ms. Nicole & Ms. Michele.  They are amazing!

My group with Ms. Michele

With only 2 other adults in the low-mid thirties & the rest of the gals in their 20s, I was the token "old chick" in the class this year.  My friend Angie is next in line, so with me having to leave the studio since we are moving, she gets the title for next year unless they recruit some new "old ladies"!

We had a great adult class... our dances were challenging & fun & we had a blast in class each week.  I will miss Footsteps & the adult class next year.  I couldn't have asked for a better studio & group of ladies to dance & have fun with!!

Melanie got to watch the 2nd half of the show, so she got to sit with Aunt Natalie, Uncle Dave, Allison & the rest of our crew...

The show was a fabulous one... and Melanie was so thrilled to get flowers at the end!
She said "I've never had my own flowers before!"
Melanie did a FABULOUS job... I was so proud of her up there!
Melanie with Allison & Brandon... and her friend Erin!
Gram & Grandpa were there too, of course!
Melanie had a lot of fun & told me on the drive home, "I want to do that again sometime... and when I'm a mommy, I want to dance too!"

Monday, June 14, 2010

Next up... walls!

This past week, the foundation walls went up.  Thanks to our on-site photojournalist (Ed)... we have a well-documented progression of how it all went!

It is quite a task getting the forms in place...

Then it is finally time to bring in the cement trucks!
... &  few days later when the forms come down... VOILA... WALLS!

We were down over the weekend & got to see the walls first hand...
... quite impressive!