Friday, December 10, 2010

Slowly getting settled!

Well, it is official... we are in the new house as of Thanksgiving weekend.  There have been some things to wrap up over the past few weeks, so in some ways we were "roughing it" a bit... but we're in!

Friday night after Thanksgiving was our first official night.  We got the kids rooms somewhat set up & decided that we'd be the first guests in the guestroom! (until we manage to get our room set up & the downstairs wrapped up)

We had a movie night & the kids liked watching cartoons in there the next morning too!

Brandon loves his new room... his bunk beds are vintage Superman & Batman.  He likes them both so much he couldn't decide which he wanted on his top bunk (where he normally sleeps) so now he alternates nights between top & bottom bunk so he can sleep on both sets of sheets!

To say Melanie loves her pink room would be an understatement... it's PINKALICIOUS!  She couldn't be more thrilled & squealed the first time she saw it!  Equally as thrilling has been unpacking toys that have been in storage for many months... it is almost like Christmas! (unfortunately not enough like it that it would substitute for Christmas this year... believe me, I tried to get that one approved but was vetoed!)

Downstairs we still have some things with all the cabinets that need to be wrapped up as well as getting counters / center island in the kitchen.  So for the time being, we haven't had a kitchen to use but at least have a utility sink in the garage to rinse cereal bowls!  The other big thing that needed to be finished was our fireplace surround & built-ins.  Last week, those were both completed & we couldn't be more thrilled!  This week the flooring crew was back to complete the carpeting in the living room & stairs, which makes our flooring 100% complete now... YEAH!!! 
With a finsihed living room, we were able to finally move our new living room furniture in & have 1 room that is completed! 

Little by little it is coming together... next week we should have a completed kitchen & even a few Christmas decorations to show!

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