Thursday, November 4, 2010

Field Trip Fun!

Nothing says fall in school like a field trip to the apple orchard!  I was lucky enough to get to be a chaperone with both Brandon & Melanie's classes when they got to go on their fun fall field trip!

First up was Melanie's trip with her preschool class & we had a BEAUTIFUL & warm fall day for it!
Melanie was excited to ride the big yellow bus!

Farmer Tom is great at giving the kids a good lesson on how apples grow, how to pick them, shine them & then take the essential bite test that should result in a nice, crisp CRUNCH...

Melanie found her apple she wanted to pick... the variety of the day was a Golden Delicious called a Smoothie.

Queen of the hill!
After the wagon ride through the orchard, the kids got to play for a bit on the big haystack, check out the animals in the petting area, peddle little tractors & RUN!

A few weeks later... I got to go back with Brandon's 1st grade class.  It was a cool fall day but thankfully the drizzle they predicted held off for us!  Back we went across the river to Ferguson's Morningside Orchard (same one as Melanie's class). 

My little group consisted of Brandon, Marcus & Christian... they were fun boys to have!

We took a different route through the orchard this time as we had to head to different trees.  The apple harvest was a few weeks ahead of schedule this year due to our early spring, so Farmer Tom had to try & keep a few trees still with apples on them for their remaining field trip groups.  This time we headed to a cluster of Haralson trees.

The boys all picked some nice apples... Brandon waited to eat his until he got home so I could cut it up since his loose tooth was making it difficult to bite it!

King of the Hill... not hard with no competition!

We had a great time & it was a great bunch of kids!!

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