Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wonderful Walls!

With the insulation problem resolved... the sheet rockers were finally able to go to town on our house.  The upstairs was tackled first & they blazed through it...

... and then the taping/mudding guy went to town!

 As soon as he was done, I was in painting... 

The kids were EAGER to help paint their rooms... they did a good job too!

Melanie's room is PINKALICIOUS!

 Nothing like having to paint up in the tops of stairwells on scaffolding...

Shortly after I was done, the doors & trim went up!
Knotty Alder doors
Windows with trim
Upstairs hallway
Guest room... after the gas fireplace was installed
All that is left upstairs is the carpeting, final electrical & plumbing!  Downstairs is coming along & we'll have an update to post soon... we are getting close!!


  1. You did a beautiful job!! I love the trim and doors.

  2. Lovely! I love the knotty alder doors. And Melanie all but blends in with her walls, ha ha ha!