Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I don't remember being as jazzed up about Hallo- ween when I was a kid but our kids were counting down the days until the big event!!  They were about as excited as they get for Christmas!

In the midst of all our painting & house stuff, Halloween was more of an annoyance than anything... but thankfully the Grandparents were there to help with the fun since we were up to our eyeballs in paint as well as Halloween fun they had at school!

The kids & Mike did hit the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago to pick pumpkins & Grandpa has carved a pumpkin ever since they were babies.  They were very excited to design their own faces & Grandpa did a GREAT job of bringing those to life!
Grandpa with "Jango Fett" & "Ariel"..  the pumpkins!

There were all sorts of little parties & celebrations around the area & Grandma & Grandpa took them to a couple & even arranged her own little Halloween party for them with games & prizes... it was Halloween fun indeed!

Pin the nose on the Jack-o-Lantern (with prizes)
Then on Halloween afternoon, we hung up our painting stuff, tried to wipe the paint off ourselves & hooked up with the neighbors & their friends for some Halloween fun of our own.  First we hit a "Trunk or Treat" event at a local church...

... where even ran into one of Melanie's preschool friends. She was thrilled!

Then we headed back to a friend's house for a quick supper, some playtime & then some trick-or-treating around their neighborhood!  It was a mild Halloween, for Minnesota that is, but layers were still needed!  It was a fun Halloween!!


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  1. Wow farm life looks fun. (my first blog comment)