Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trout opener

Nothing marks the arrival of spring like opening weekend of trout fishing in southeastern MN!  It was probably one of the nicest opening weekends we can recall, weather-wise!  So we headed to our favorite creek near the farm to cast our lines...

Brandon caught the first fish of the season... but Mike was close on his heels with the second one!

Brandon (with a little help from me) caught the whopper of the day!
Later Mike hit an area we used to fish a lot prior to it getting so thick & overgrown after the floods... & caught a few more nice ones!
It was a great opening day... quite the pan of fish getting ready to be baked!
We feasted on trout cakes (like a crab cake)... they are one of our favorite ways to eat them!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our favorite 4-letter word...

Can you say SOLD???

Well, after being on the market for months last year, we hit the market & had an offer off our first showing in the first weekend our house was listed.  Purchase agreement is signed, inspection is done... and how we just wait for closing, which is scheduled for the end of May.

In the meantime, we just found a house to rent in the downtown area for the summer.  We are excited about being in the downtown area to take advantage of all the great biking trails in the area as well as the fun all the downtown lakes provide... should be a summer of fun!!

We've also been busy getting the ball rolling for being ready to start building our house on the farm this summer.
A view from the top of one of the bluffs looking down on one of the valleys.  Our house will sit at the edge of the field that looks back on that valley.
A closeup of the field where the house will sit is below...

A view of the valley that is behind the current farmhouse

Stay tuned for more blogs on our building adventure over the next few months...


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hOppy easter!

We've had a nice stretch of weather lately & Easter was no exception... a beautiful sunny day & nice spring temperatures.  It was last minute, but we did manage to get our trip in to see the Easter bunny...
and even got our eggs died too!

After much anticipation, our little bunnies woke early & were ready to hunt down their baskets... but suddenly our 6 year old was being a sour-puss about wearing his bunny ears that the night he was worried about whether they'd still fit him or not... go figure!

For the second year in a row, after church we were able to have an outdoor egg hunt... a rarity in MN!

Then we headed over to Mike's sisters house for a nice meal & some outdoor playtime with cousin Allison!