Monday, May 30, 2011

Time Warp... continued

Mike enjoyed getting a little extra fishing in this year, now that we live in his prime trout fishing area... & he always had an eager sidekick to tag along. 

At the end of April, our friend's Dave & Diane came down for the weekend for some turkey hunting.  The kids had fun trying to track down the "walking tree" (aka Dave in his camo suit) back in the valley from our living room window!

 Mother's Day weekend is usually spent at our annual Mother's Day camping weekend at our friend Dooley's land (aka a good excuse to camp & trout fish).  But this year we had too many commitments that weekend, so we only went down for Friday afternoon/evening to hang out & socialize. 
Melanie & Erin Kelly had a ball playing!

 While Brandon was eager to hit the "honey hole" they had fished last fall... & it didn't disappoint!

Part of the reason we couldn't camp that weekend was it that it was picture weekend for dance.  The girls are getting excited for the recital!

Then following the pictures, Melanie had a birthday tea party to attend followed by the Mother's Day Tea with Gram & Aunt Mary at the Watkins Manor. 
 We had a nice time at the tea... and Melanie's hat was a huge it.  She had made it at the birthday party she was at & was the perfect addition to our Mother's Day tea!

On Mother's Day, we headed to Trempealeau, Wisconsin (just across the river from us) to do a little biking & then had an early dinner at the Trempealeau Hotel.  It was a fun day & I am one lucky Mommy to have 2 such wonderful kids!!

Recital weekend finally came & the "Boogie Fever" girls were decked out & ready to shake their fringe!

 Our neighbor Anna also dances & is a lovely dancer.  Melanie was excited to see her backstage.

The girls did a fabulous job... the audience loved them! 

The girls started out in a class of 18 kids but thankfully they were able to find a backup time for any who could move to the new class... so these 5 girls became that class, taught by the fabulous Ms. Tiffany!

We were so proud of our little dancer!  She loves to be on stage & loves to dance!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time Warp...(catch up part 1)

Not sure if it has been our lack of spring or what, but the last 2 months have been a virtual time warp for me.  All of a sudden, the end of school is nearing & things are wrapping up... I am so not ready for summer & school to be over!  So in the meantime, here is a quick recap of April & some of May...
We finished getting our screen porch furniture set up & arranged.  We literally had about 2-3 days in the past 1.5 months that were nice enough to use it but we are loving it & looking forward to a summer out in the screened porch!

On the couple nice days we had in April, I started working on front yard prep.  Since our house sits in what used to be a hayfield, there is some "grass" (aka hay) coming up in the unexcavated areas but I had lots of clod busting & dirt raking to do before I could put seed down & the kids were eager to help.  And yes, just about every time we put seed down, the rains came & washed it all away... so I'd go move more dirt & start all over... sigh! 

Melanie has a "reading" station set up on the front porch... she likes to load up her little bench with her friends & do storytime for them.  Not a bad spot with some afternoon sun!

While I was away on my spring scrapbooking weekend, Mike took the kids to the Rollingstone Easter party.  They had fun doing some crafts, gathering eggs & seeing the Easter bunny.

In most of Minnesota, fishing opener is Mother's Day weekend & is when walleye fishing starts... but in southern Minnesota where there are more streams than lakes, the big opener is trout season & that happens in mid-April.  Mike is an avid trout fisherman... we were even engaged on a trout stream not far from the farm (seriously... I was in my waders, had my fly vest on & it was cold & drizzly... & I got a ring in a little tackle box for my vest.)  So come rain or shine, Mike is ready to hit the local creeks...
 ... & this time it was not only cold but also even a little snowy!  I have to admit that I'm a fair-weather fishergal, so I wasn't so eager to join.  Call me crazy, but I like to feel my fingers.  Brandon was eager to go despite the cold & they boys had some success!

 The next day as a little nicer, so Mike was able to take Melanie fishing for a few hours.  These are Melanie's fish... "can you believe I caught 3 & Dad caught none?"  She was quite excited!
And later that day Mike, Grandpa & Brandon walked a section of the creek to try a little more.  It was a good opener!  Mmmm... trout cakes are on the menu!

 We thought we were going to be able to get by without dying Easter Eggs... but the kids remembered last minute.  Do they sell pre-dyed eggs?  I'd be good with that!

 Thankfully I found the Easter baskets in the the disheveled basement... I'm still waiting for the elves to come sort through & organize what remains down there from the move!  The kids were a little concerned as to whether that bunny would know we moved...
... not only did he find us, but he actually hid eggs outside! Thankfully it was a mild morning, compared to what we'd been having!


We hosted the Easter meal, so later we were joined by our neighbors (Mike's folks), his sister Natalie & family from the cities, & his Aunt & Uncle from Rochester.
 Natalie, Lora & Nora

The kids are always eager to see thier cousin Allison!

It was a beautiful day & we had a wonderful time with family!
 We even got to take a walk up the hill road afterwards.

(to be continued...)