Friday, February 4, 2011

Right out our door...

It is still surreal that we can literally head out our door & into our own outdoor oasis.  As a friend said "you have your own little state park!"

Since Brandon got snowshoes for Christmas (& Melanie has his old, smaller pair), we now can all go snowshoeing together... the kids love it!

Melanie is equally happy to stop & just play in the snow...
 ...our little snow angel!!

We went way back in the valley... & even walked over the pond that is both frozen & covered with snow.  Melanie kept digging down to see if we were really on ice!

A view from back in the valley out towards our house.

It was a nice day for a walk!

On another day... I took advantage of Brandon being at school & Melanie napping with Mike home working & headed out for an afternoon snowshoe on my own.
This time I headed up our new hill road that is behind our house...

 ... it angles up the bluff behind us & has been a great hiking & snowshoeing trail!

I made it all the way up & then bush-whacked back down & walked back through the valley, keeping an eye on a flock of turkeys who weren't quite sure what to make of me as I popped out of the woods!

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