Friday, February 18, 2011


With our week of 40-50 degree temps, our wintry wonderland is quickly melting away.  Amazing how fast a winter's worth of accumulated snow (several feet worth) can melt & what a mucky mess it can make, especially in the country!  But I have to admit, a little sunshine & warm temps (especially when the wind would let up), did feel kind of good & made me yearn for spring... & made it hard to believe that just a week prior we were out playing in the snow! 

Our friend Angie passed along some snow boards from her son's youth... & boy have our kids had a BALL with them...

& to quote Melanie, "cowLAbunga dude!"  Not sure where she came up with that!

Brandon does pretty good... but does take the occasionaly spill!  Normally he's good about brushing it off, heading up hill & trying it again...

... & this time he made it!

Of course, the bigger Butenhoff has to give it a whirl too...
 ... with much of the same results as the boy!  I missed his really good spill where he was covered head to toe with snow!

The boys are fun to watch... but the little pink marshmallow is hard to compete with on the cuteness factor... & she's getting good as staying on her feet now too!

With the recent change in our snow, I am glad I braved very cold temps one day for a snowshoe back in the other valley & up our Rollingstone bluff... I was wanting to get a winter view from up there.  Despite the 5 degree day (with windchill sending that sub-zero), I was plenty warm hoofing it up the bluff in the deep snow... was well worth the view!!

Who knows... this could be our last snow-fun adventures for this winter... but then again that might just be wishful thinking as this is Minnesota & it is ONLY Februrary!

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