Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Before Christmas break was done, we managed to work in Brandon's birthday party.  We had planned on having a sledding party... so naturally earlier that week, we had a not-so-typical winter warm up which melted & altered much of our snow pack, followed by a cold snap.  Oh well... the boys all still wanted to go outside & give it a try for a bit...

They had fun & no one was injured!  Despite being only 10 degrees, they were out for about 45 minutes, so when they came in they were ready for pizza!

Enter at your own risk as up in Brandon's room, there was quite the light saber / nerf gun battle going on ...

We played a few games, with musical chairs being a big hit.  Guess they play that a lot in school.

It was a fun group of kids... some are in Brandon's class, some are from cub scouts & a couple are neighbors!
(Nathan, Ben, Christian, Colin, Kai, Brandon, Braden, Anna & Melanie)

We rounded out the party with a little cake & ice cream...


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