Monday, March 14, 2011

Winter Wildlife

Prior to our warm ups of late, that melted much of our snow, the deep snow & cold winter made for abundant wildlife around for most of January & much of February. 

We enjoyed daily visits from a family of wild turkeys coming for corn...

& even got a fun mid-day coyote viewing when they came to feed on a deer that died at the edge of the woods just across from our house...
With the help of our spotting scope, we were able to get some cool pictures.  They hung out for about 2 hours & came back the next day for a little more.

We were happy to lure a few birds over to our side (while the neighbors were gone for a few weeks)... nothing is as pretty as a cardinal in winter!

We've seen the deer around as well... normally it is a small family of 3 we see but this time it was just this one on its own.

While Gram & Grandpa were gone, Pearly May (Gram's cat) would come to visit & hang out on our front porch... not quite wildlife but she's cute nonetheless! 

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