Monday, September 27, 2010

Smurf House No More!

Haven't blogged on the house much lately, but work does continue!  We've had a little delay to our sheet rocking due to an insulation delay... but hopefully that will all be back on track here soon. In the meantime, exterior work has been the focus of recent weeks.
We knew we never wanted a blue house, but after looking at a blue house all summer, we were more convinced than ever... so it was fun to see our siding go up & the house change colors!

Since the sheet rock was delayed, it also gave Mike more of a chance to think of wiring he wanted to add, so he spent some time adding additional wiring for things he's not even sure how he'll use it... but it is in the wall in case!!

And the kids had fun with their scooter & tricycles zipping around the basement while we were working!

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