Thursday, October 14, 2010

Porch Progress!

September has been a busy month & we have lots of updates from visits with family to fall fun to stuff with the house... so for this post, we'll start with a house update.  While the inside issues (insulation) were being addressed, outside work continued on.  They got the majority of the house sided except for the front because they needed the porch to be completed so next on the agenda was working on the covered & screen porch.
The floor decking went on quick & with the addition of the front door, it started to look like a porch!

The kids liked it too... but were curious how they were going to get on & off the porch!  They didn't realize that there would eventually be stairs!

Running around the porch is fun but equally fun is playing with the remaining mud puddles around the house... oh to be a kid!


... and then the staining could begin! Thankfully we had a good stretch of weather to take advantage of to try & get it done this fall...

 it took about 4 days of staining but finally it was done!

We couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out... we love our porch!

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