Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Settling in...

We are officially moved down to the farm, just not into our house yet.  We will be staying with Mike's folks for the duration of our building process, provided they can put up with our little brood for the next month!  We got moved down Labor Day weekend in time for Brandon to start school that week.  I am constantly amazed with our kids & how well they have adjusted to our topsy-turvy world of the past few months.  Between getting our house sold, packed up & moving out, staying with our friend Don during our transitions between abodes, moving to our temporary location in the cities for the summer to moving to our temporary housing down on the farm, they have just taken it all in stride.  Their "stuff" is largely packed away but depsite it all they have slept great & just continued with things as if it were all normal.  Even now as they both start new schools, it just doesn't seem to even phase them a bit.
Hanging around Friday night... Mike reading the paper, Melanie drawing faces on the people in the paper & Brandon playing Lego Star Wars... totally at home in Grandma's living room!

Since Melanie was asleep when Brandon went off to school in the morning, she was excited to head out to meet his bus on his first day home from school! 

It is very exciting waiting for the bus to come over our little gravel hill!

On non-school days, Brandon likes riding out to the mailbox to check the mail...

We have always spent so much time on the farm that it has been like a home away from home so it doesn't quite feel real that we have actually moved down here... seems more like an extended weekend.  But we are getting settled into the groove & it feels pretty normal... now we just look forward to finally getting settled into our own place in about a month or so... and FINALLY having our "stuff" all under one roof rather than scattered between barns, storage places & countless boxes!

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  1. It looks so beautiful on the farm! Very picturesque. I for see a visit sometime soon when your house is all done! ; ) Your kiddos are great; I'm glad they're just going with the flow of moving and building your new home.