Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Grade!

This week is back to school week for us.  Tuesday was Open House/Orientation at Brandon's school, so he & I got to go meet his teacher, drop off school supplies & get all sorts of information from his new school in Winona.
Brandon's classroom
& his teacher, Ms. Wantock

Despite the early morning wake up (6am), he got up easily, ate a good breakfast & was dressed & ready for his first day!
He was excited!
The whole gang was ready at 6:30 (except Melanie, who was still sleeping) to walk out to bus stop with him...
These 3 generations have all gone to school from the farm!

Mike remembers standing in the same spot waiting for the bus...

...little did he know then his own kids would be waiting in the same spot for the bus to come over the hill!

Brandon is the first one on his bus & he has a friendly bus driver!

And there is the big 1st grader ready to start the day at Jefferson Elementary!

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