Thursday, December 16, 2010


We will most certainly be having a white Christmas!  This past weekend's blizzard dumped 18+ inches of snow all around the region!

Our driveway all but disappeared!

The blowing snow left some pretty large drifts as well as a pile of snow on our lower roof!  So Mike won himself a trip out on the roof to clear off snow & dig out our roof vents!

The back of the house had about 2 feet or so... but the south end of the house had about 4-5 ft of drifted snow accumulated!  All in all, Mike spent about 2 hours clearing snow off the roof.  After that we got to dig out our window wells which were filled full!

Ed braved the cold temps (single digits) to start the plowing.  Thankfully the wind was dying, so with the sun shining it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  There was certainly a lot of snow to move & his tractor does a great job!  He had our road & drives cleared before the township road from the main road was cleared by the plows!

One of our snow piles out the living room window from clearing the roof snow!
After the storm, the temperature tanked... the other morning we saw -25 when I got up to take Brandon to the bus stop & daytime temps barlely above 0.  Now we need some temps in the 20s so we can get out & play in the snow!!!

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