Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Fun!

We've been busy & as a result, the blog has been neglected & there are lots of updates on a variety of things to post... so hopefully this week I'll attempt to get somewhat caught up.

At the end of September, my mom & Bill (& their dog Sage) went on a road trip with their 5th wheel & came to visit... and the Uncles, Evan & Mic (& the kitties), drove in from Pittsburgh at the same time too.  They set up camp at Prairie Island campground along the Mississippi & only 10 minutes from us.
They had quite a nice spot with a great view out their back window & since it was well after Labor Day, the campground was not too busy!

It was a treat having them visit... gave us lots of time to read, play games, cook together & much more!

New Mexican cooking in the 5th wheel

We even had our own excitement!  After going back to see the cows, we noticed 2 calved had gotten out & were in the neighbor's pasture.  Evan, Mic & I set out to get them back.  Mic kept guard at the place where we cut the fence to keep the rest of the cows where they belong while Evan & I chased the 2 runaways back to their moms & then repaired the fence.
Of course, this all happened just as the rain was starting & the thunder & lightning began.  We were lucky that it was only lightly raining & only got us moderately wet... shortly after, the deluge began & didn't end for about 24 hours!

And 6 inches of rain later, the area down by the garage looked like a small pond!  A few days later, they even had to pack up & move to a different campground as the other one had the potential for flooding due to the rising Mississippi from all the rain!

Cooking with the Uncles

The kids got a few preChristmas gifts from the Uncles & were obviously thrilled!

Another afternoon, we went for a walk/bike-ride down by the was a gorgeous fall day!

And afterwards, Mom, Melanie & I ventured up the hill to check out Garvin Heights Vineyard. 

Garvin Heights Vineyard

Dinner at the Monarch Public House in Fountain City

We had a wonderful time with family but as always, it goes so fast!

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