Saturday, August 7, 2010

Too Darn Hot...

It has been a hot & humid summer for us & wouldn't you know, our summer place doesn't has A/C!  At least when it cools off overnight, the house gets cooled down & retains that fairly well since we are on the first floor... but after days of  hot temps & humidity thrown it, there isn't much one can do & it just gets uncomfortable.

The kids have been taking it well & we just position a lot of fans around, especially at nap time!
Can you tell the fan is off to the side??  Talk about full-body ventilation!
No matter how hard I try, Melanie has to have her sheet wrapped around her...

We've had a couple day break from it all & it has been GLORIOUS... but now we are about to get hit with another week of hot & humid weather starting today!

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