Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The difference of a few days...

It has been a summer of lots of rain, heat & humidity... great for pools & beaches, not so good for house building & construction (or having to work out in those conditions).  But a few days ago, there was a break in the weather & it has been glorious!  Temps in the high 70s, low humidity levels & sunny skies... our builder said we had more drying in / around the house in the first day of this new weather than had happened most of the summer.  With that, they were able to finally get the footings dug & poured for the covered porch, some of which go down 8-11 feet!  The plumbers were even able to start on the septic this week too!

Mike was quick to check the footings out since we happened to be around the day they were poured...

They continue to work on the plumbing & heating rough-ins, window installation and finishing up little details in preparation for insulation & drywall in just a couple weeks.
The kids liked checking out the windows in their rooms... this happens to be Melanie's room.  They also got to see their tub/shower...

... & to see the place where "Santa will come!"  Gotta love how the minds of 4 & 6 year old work!

There are 2 arches in the house, so those have been "shaped" as well and with the windows going in, it is starting to change the look of the house... can't wait to see how it changes with the addition of the covered porch on the front... stay tuned!
In the meantime, I'm busy looking for lights, finalizing paint colors & flooring & looking for kitchen cabinet hardware... & in just a couple weeks we'll be moving down to the farm for the start of school (staying with the folks) for the duration of construction.  

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