Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moving along...

We finally made it to the farm last weekend to see what has gone on with the house in the past couple weeks... always fun to see!!

They got the garage finished...
... roof on & the dormer put in!
And they also got the water line (from the existing well) to the house put in!
Next up was getting the house wrapped to help keep the elements out & let the drying/breathing of the house continue... but work on the covered front porch has to wait until the ground dries up more so they can get the footings in place.

After the garage was finished, focused move back inside...
... they got the stair cases put in...
...including Mike's favorite, the ones from the garage down to the basement! 
The plumbers / heating guys got working on the plumging rough in & starting the duct work.

The kids like being able to race up & down levels without having to traverse ladders!
Brandon's room

On Monday, we got to see them pour the garage floor...
... & it looked great!

We are very pleased with how it is all going & the fabulous work the various people working on it are doing! 
They got some grading done around the house which looks great & things seem to finally be drying up a little as well!
And we love seeing the "oreo cows" as the kids like to call them, wandering around the pasture nearby!

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