Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun with Friends.... Part 2

Next up to visit the farm was the Ver Meer Family!
Our snow was gone, the sun was shining & we had just gotten our screen porch furniture, so Brad & Mike got to work putting it together so we could hopefully break it in a little later!

Brenda & Vanessa were more that happy to give it the first try!  Cheers!

 The kids were very excited to see each other... Melanie took Lexie out exploring & they seemed to have lots to talk about as well as went on a rock hunt.  They came back with pockets full of prized rocks (from our gravel road nonetheless) & wanted to wash them up.

Brandon & Lauren had fun playing & exploring too

Once the guys were done with the furniture, the neighbors (Mike's folks) came over for a little happy hour action on the porch...
...appetizers & drinks for all! It was a gorgeous afternoon for it... our first like it this spring!

The kids had a fun dinner later followed up by movie night (allowing the adults to do our own kid-free dinner)!

Melanie was super excited to have Lexie sleep in her room! 

 It wasn't sunny the next day, but the kids still had fun playing outside.  Brenda & Vanessa took a walk back in the valley.  Brandon & Lauren came along with us... reminds us of when they were little & used to pretend to be Diego & Dora & go exploring!

The little girls didn't come along as they had more rocks to hunt down... both their jacket pockets were stuffed as full as could be with rocks!

The Butenhoff firing range was again opened up...
... & Brenda even tried out the little .22 pistol!

A quick grill pizza lunch was good after all that fresh air... and then it was time for them to head back to the cities.  It was another fun-filled friend weekend!

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