Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun with Friends... Part 1

In March, the Gadients came for a weekend visit... & as soon as they 'FINALLY' got here (the kids could barely stand the wait), they were wanting to hit the slopes with what was left of our snow!
 Ross is ready for a run!

Then the boys decided to try a little snow boarding with a different twist... guess it goes faster than a sled!

The kids had a ball racing each other down the hill...with screams of thrill from Melanie the whole way!

After a little dinner...

... the big boys had fun playing XBox, while Jack & Melanie "hooked" up the DSes & played their own games!

 We had fun adult time too & Vino Mommy was in her zone!

Ross was pretty excited to try out Brandon's BB gun with a little target practice... 
& then the big boys got out the big toys did a little trap shooting back in the valley.  Brian is a really good shot... despite the wild throws of Mike!
Jen & her Ross-man!
Jen even gave the old shotgun a try... first time ever!  It was fun to see how excited she got!

Ross, Brandon, Jack & Melanie... the fun was over too soon & the kids were bummed to see them head back to the cities!

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