Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer has begun!

Well, the big move is behind us & we are settled into our "summer home" in Minneapolis.  We have the first floor apartment of this Victorian house.  It is fully furnished, so we only had to bring what we wanted of our personal belongings to get us through the summer & were then able to put the rest of stuff into storage.
The kids have been enjoying "scooting" up & down the sidewalk in front of the house... complete with Melanie decked out in her many dress-up outfits, too!

We have some great neighbors & are getting to know the area.  The front porch is already becoming a favorite spot for meals, reading the paper & visiting with the others in the house.

The kids also like the snack bar off the kitchen for eating as well as keeping on eye on me while I'm cooking. Their room is also a big hit...
... complete with bunk beds!  Even though they had them at our house, bunk beds are still quite fun!

Brandon's favorite feature of the house is probably the basketball hoop by the garage...

 & Melanie loves being on the porch with her easel while she draws & paints. We love the location of being near the downtown lakes & 1 mile from the Greenway bike path that links up endless miles of bike trails all over the cities. 

We've had a few incidents... bikes stolen when our garage was accidentally left open, Mike recovering his bike after spying it in a backyard across the alley (mine remains missing), getting ourselves locked out of our garage... but we've ironed out the kinks and are now ready for a summer of fun in the city! 

Brandon had his last day of kindergarten last Thursday... hard to believe this school year has come & gone so quickly!
He had a great year in kindergarten & we are so proud of all he learned & how he grew in his first year of school.  He is bummed to be done for the summer... but hopefully our summer of fun in the city will help take his mind off it all!

This week we have dress rehearsal for dance for Melanie & I & then the big show this weekend, so then we'll really be on summer break!

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