Friday, June 4, 2010

Princess Tea Time!

Not that we weren't busy enough, but with Melanie's birthday falling at the end of May (closing day, to be exact), we had to some how figure out how/when to do something with her friends.  So just before we moved, I threw together a little afternoon Princess Tea Party for Melanie & a few "princess" friends!  Despite the house being in disarray, we managed to have a pretty fun little tea party...
My friend Vicki made an AMAZING cake for her... & it was delicious too!

The menu included mini pigs in a blanket, PBJ pinwheels, fruit wands, chocolate dipped strawberries... and later on cake & homemade Princess Pink Mint chip ice cream.  The girls also had mango-peach tea & pink lemonade!

The Princess Court!

Gram helped with crafts, a game & even got the girls playing Ring Around the Rosie...

... & then it was cake & ice cream time!

The girls had a little time to frolic outside before it was time to go...

... & the backyard tree swing was a HUGE hit... who would have guessed?  They  stood in line like it was a carnival ride & squealed & giggled the whole time!

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