Monday, February 8, 2010


December started out good on the snow front... no doubt of a white Christmas & lots of little snowstorms here & there to keep us in that festive mood. Then after Christmas, we hit a dry spell. We had snow on the ground, but we hadn't had any new snow to freshen things up or give us some new snow to play in until recently... with a couple little systems that dropped a couple inches here and there. But finally, we got a winter storm to remind us that it is indeed still winter in Minnesota... and can I say, I love it! It started snowing late Sunday night & has been going slow & steady all day & is supposed to continue into the night. We have to have at least 8 inches & are supposed to get a few more on top of it... and moderate temperatures too! Kids & I got out for some mid-day playtime today in the backyard which consists of Melanie swinging on her swing in full snow gear, which she loves because she figured out the pumping thing around Christmas time. I had to laugh because who learns to pump in the middle of winter in Minnesota?! I'm guessing not many Minnesotan kids can lay claim that one! Brandon just likes running around... throwing snow, sliding down the snow filled slide, playing on the snow hill... basically anything that turns him into an abominable snowman! Eventually he gets his sister to stop swinging & run around throwing snow with him. Me... well, I like when we get enough snow that I can strap on the snowshoes & traipse around the backyard making paths all around & basically getting some exercise disguised as playtime. I may not have grown up here but I think I really was meant to live here... I love our Minnesota seasons, yes... even winter. We make the most of our spring, summer & fall seasons... so for me, winter is a forced break from it all. Makes us slow down a bit & rejuvenates us for the next round, so come spring, I'm raring to go again with all our outdoor activities. Plus, what isn't to like about a snow-covered, wintry wonderland? It is beautiful!

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