Thursday, February 11, 2010

At that age...

So we are at the age/stage where we have a kid in school who likes to come home telling us about what his friend said or what they were singing on the bus, etc.  Generally it is quite amusing... today I heard that one of his friends in kindergarten (a girl) has a brother who wanted Dora shoes & his favorite color is purple... Brandon thought that was funny.  We hear about kids who have to sit in the "refocus" chair in school.  "So&so said a bad word... (oh no)... he said b-u-t-t."  (GASP, not the b-word!!  Ha ha... followed by an explanation of how butt isn't a bad word & there is another word that is B-U-T, which sounds like it but means something different and words like butt & poop aren't bad words, we don't sing songs about them or call people names them in it, we just use the words when talking about butt or poop.)  Another day he came home telling us they made up a song on the bus..."jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg..." & "Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey & you smell like one too!"  It was hard not to burst his bubble by telling him not only did they not make those songs up but those songs have been around since we were kids... and probably even long than that because I'm sure we all thought we made them up!  Another day they were supposedly all smelling each other's breath on the bus... "you know... we go HUUUH in each others faces"... can you say easily amused?!  We've heard stories about parents & funny things that go on in his friend's homes... and it makes us wonder... what anecdotes is he sharing of us & his homelife that might make us do that "nervous laugh" if we knew his friends were going home & telling his folks??!  We are probably better off not knowing!!

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