Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas on the Farm (part 2, finally!!)

After a fun-filled Christmas at home, we headed down to the farm the day after for Christmas, part 2!!  We are quickly accumulating quite the assortment of traditions we take in over the couple days we celebrate on the farm.  First up is always a FABULOUS Christmas dinner put on by Nora...

Next up... the gifts...

& 2009 marked the year the farm took a huge leap into technology...

as this year Nora surprised Ed with a laptop & internet service on the farm!

Another tradition (snow / weather permitting) is getting out for some sledding fun.  This year we tried something different & we loaded up the hay wagon with wood & took a hayride back into the valley...

Grandpa even had a co-pilot helping him drive the tractor!

Some chose to ride & others chose to walk or snowshoe, as in my case...

We found the perfect spot for a bonfire with some sledding nearby...

Brandon on his "silver bullet"

Melanie loved the taboggan & "squealed" all the way as she zipped down all on her own... & then would say "Daddy, I want to go again... but higher this time."  By the end of it, she was sledding all the way up the hill where we were starting!

We enjoyed hot cider & Christmas goodies by the bonfire!
It was a perfect sledding day!

Next up was heading to LaCrosse to take in the lights the Rotary puts up in Lakefront Park.

We had the 3 monkeys in our car!

The next morning Grandma put on her annual Christmas tea for the grandkids... this year it was a breakfast tea.

On the menu were ham crescent roll ups, gingerbread pancakes, fresh fruit, apple cider tea...

& of course, a few goodies at the end!

On our last day, Mike & I headed out for some snowshoeing around the hills & Chris & Ed went for a little walk.

Chris, Ed & Mike

It was a wonderful Christmas on the Farm!

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  1. Looks like a successful Christmas for the Butenhoff Family! It must be the year of the scooters as both our boys received them too.

    Since I am always behind (as you know too well!) I am commenting on an earlier post...I think you are a fabulous Mom and literally took a double take when you wrote about having more have always seemed so laid back and UBER calm when it comes to parenting...if you get any better you are really going to make me look bad. :)

    Miss you and dinner plans must be made soon! ~Jen