Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just June...

Where oh where did June go?  Month one of our summer is the city is gone...
Mike has enjoyed riding his bike to the light rail in the morning, hopping on for his morning commute into work (which goes to within 1 blk of work) & then he rides his bike all the way home in the evening.

We've gotten in lots of evening bike rides... we are 1 mile from the Green Way trail & then 1 more mile to the downtown lakes.
Melanie takes on the Green Way! 
She has been doing lots of biking... she is determined to lose her training wheels this summer & is doing a great job practicing riding fast & balancing!
There are lots of playgrounds around the lakes, so the kids have enjoyed that as well as the swim beaches.  It is 6.6 miles round trip, so the kids & I are able to hop on our bikes & go often... Brandon is a great rider (he's already done two 22mi rides this summer) & Melanie is a good passenger in the trailer!
Playing at Lake Calhoun
We celebrated Father's Day with a great walk to the Basilica of St Mary's (about 1.5 miles from our house)...
... meandering through Loring Park & through some great old neighborhoods, including one that Ed lived in over 50 years ago.

Father's Day was also our 9 year anniversary... & we were lucky to get to celebrate on our own (the kids left with Gram & Grandpa to stay on the farm for a week)!  We took in a bike ride to the Stone Arch festival where we enjoyed some music & a few beers...
...  & then grilled up a nice dinner back at our place.

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  1. V- that photo of Brandon on the playground equipment is award worthy. Seriously... Enter it in the State Fair or as a centerpiece for a scrapbook page submission!