Monday, May 17, 2010

What goes up...

4 years ago this month, we constructed a playset in the backyard.  I was very pregnant with Melanie & Brandon was eagerly awaiting both "Butternut" making an appearance & his own playground in our backyard!

Mike had his "little helper" supervising & helping construction!

Brandon was so excited for it to be finally done!

Fast forward 4 years... & we are in the midst of preparing for a move which means the deconstruction of the playset. 

This time Mike had 2 little helpers!  Brandon & Melanie were both quite helpful...

... they even shoveled all the sand out of the sandbox!

The tower came down a lot easier than it went up!

Not being almost 9 months pregnant certainly helped the deconstruction activities... but all in all, it went down rather easily & is now safely stored in the barn on the farm until it is ready to be reconstructed at our new house site in a few months.

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