Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful Days...

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving has not only come but gone... and we are now officially in the holiday season that is sure to zip by.  We were lucky to have Uncles Evan & Mic visiting from Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving weekend.

We had a great lunch at CRAVE at the Galleria the day they got in... YUM!

We spent another wonderful Thanksgiving at our home joined by the Uncles visiting from Pittsburgh, Mike's folks from the farm & Mike's sister & her family.  Evan, Mic & Vanessa got out for an early morning walk before the meal preparations began.  We dined on wild turkey with all the trimmings, including an "elk kicker" (marinated grilled elk done flank steak style).  We managed to squeeze in our Thanksgiving walk after our meal, helping to make a little room for dessert!   It was a great day with certainly so much to be thankful for. 

The Thanksgiving Crew

A walk through the neighborhood

A little late night card action

One of our Thanksgiving traditions is to go hiking the day after, weather permitting.  We were fortunate to have a gorgeous November day & so we headed to an area that had some nice trails for hiking but also a "cache rich environment" for some geocaching too!  We took along the uncles as well at Grandpa & spent about 3.5 hours hiking & geocaching through the woods.  We always enjoy having others come along on our adventures!  

Geocaching at Cleary Lake

With another unseasonably warm November day on Saturday, we headed out again hiking/geocaching with the uncles before having to get them to the airport for their evening flight home.

Hiking down by the confluence of the Minnesota & Mississippi Rivers

It truly was a wonderful Thanksgiving & now we look forward to a wonderful holiday season... let the festivities begin!

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